Cratoxylum formosum

Cratoxylum formosum (Jack) Dyer

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Native; Endangered. Cultivated.

Growth Form or Habit: Tree. May grow more than 20m tall.

Flowering and new leaves
Queenstown; Cultivated; 2010.

Queenstown; Cultivated; 2010.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve; 2009.

Flowers: hermaphrodite, suggested to be insect-pollinated.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve; 2009.

Fruits: suggested to be wind-dispersed.

Habitat: open, disturbed and secondary forests, and forest gaps.

Distribution: Thailand to Indonesia.

More pictures can be found at

(1) The Plant Observatory website

(2) Flora Singapura website



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