Adenanthera pavonina

Adenanthera pavonina L.

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Exotic; Naturalised. Cultivated.

Growth Form or Habit: Tree.

Pearl’s Hill City Park; 2010.

Pearl’s Hill City Park; 2011.

Pearl’s Hill City Park; 2011.

Other information:

Common Name: Saga Tree

More pictures can be found at

(1) The Plant Observatory website


  1. The fruits images of Adenanthera pavonina is not correct. The fruit images should belongs to Abrus precatorius (Papilionaceae), known as saga tree. Thank you for a very informative website

  2. kwekings said

    Hi Abdul Rahman, thanks for the comment. But I beg to differ: Abrus precatorius fruit pod does not twist like that shown in the picture when dehiscent. Also, the Abrus precatorius seeds have a small black part at the base.

    Incidentally, as far as I know, saga is the common name for Adenanthera pavonina used here in Singapore.

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