Cerbera odollam

Cerbera odollam Gaertn.

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Native; Vulnerable. Cultivated.

Queenstown; 2010.

Growth Form or Habit: Tree.

Queenstown; 2010.

Queenstown; 2010.

Queenstown; 2010.

Other information:

Common Name: Pong Pong

Similar species: Cerbera manghas is similar in appearance but can be distinguish by its flowers, which has a red centre instead of yellow in this species.

More pictures can be found at

(1) Flora Singapura website

(2) The Plant Observatory website



  1. may i know if the pong pong tree can still be found at Queenstown ? if so, which part of Queenstown can the tree be found at ? thank you so much!

  2. kwekings said

    Hi Sherlyn, interesting query you have there. There should still be pong pong at Queenstown. Not sure exactly where the pictures above were taken, but it looks like the Queenstown Community Centre along Commonwealth Avenue.

    There’s also some at the car park near the sports complex.

    Further along, there’s some more pong pong along Angora Close.

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