Hopea odorata

Hopea odorata Roxb.

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Exotic; Cultivated only.

Growth Form or Habit: Tree. Pyramidal or conical in young trees.

Hougang; Cultivated; 2010.

Leaves and branching
Queenstown; Cultivated; 2010.

Hougang; Cultivated; 2010.

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City; Cultivated; 2011.

Leaves: Usually ovate-oblong, unequal-side and about 13 x 6 cm. About 11-nerved. Domatia at the lower half of the underside of leaves is dialogistic of this species.

Habitat: A riparian species rarely growing far from streams.

Occurrence: Cultivated only. Very widely grown as a roadside tree.

Distribution: Bangladesh to Indonesia.

Other Information:

Common Name: Cengal Pasir.


(1) FMD

More pictures can be found at

(1) Urban Forest website

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