Mangifera caesia

Mangifera caesia Jack

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Native; Critically Endangered. Cultivated.

Jalan Naung, Hougang; 2010.

Growth Form or Habit: Tree. Up to 35m.

Bark and branching
Jalan Naung, Hougang; 2010.

Jalan Naung, Hougang; 2010.

Jalan Naung, Hougang; 2012.

Jalan Naung, Hougang; 2010.

Habitat: Lowland primary forests, swamp forests or along rivers.



  1. srajanlko said

    Dear Sir

    I am a Scientist working on mangoes in India. I am compiling information on mango and its wild relatives. May I request you to whom I should contact for giving some of the photographs from the site with due acknowledgment to site and Jalan Naung, Hougang; 2010.
    Please help

  2. sassy19a said

    Hi Srajanlko,

    Please leave your email in this comment page so that I can contact you personally. You may remove it later to avoid spam.

  3. mangothai said

    Could I join this page? I am a beginner, just started to work on Mangifera in Thailand.

    • halori said

      and by join, you mean? it would be great if you have more Mangifera to share 🙂

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