Ampelocissus elegans

Ampelocissus elegans (Kurz) Gegnep.

Recent Synonyms: Vitis elegans Kurz, Vitis coralloides Hooker f.

Status: Native; Endangered.

Growth Form or Habit: Herbaceous climber.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve; 2010.

Leaves: Simple to 3–5 foloiolate, ovate, base cordate when simple, terminal leaflet ovate sessile, 9.5–20 cm by 4–9.5 cm, apex acute, base decurrent, lateral leaflet obliquely ovate sessile, 5–18 cm by 2–10.5 cm, apex acute, base decurrent; margin serrate; lamina chartaceous, galabrecent above and hairy along nerves, brownish densely arachnoid hairy below; petiole 3.5–12 cm long.

Stem: Tendril opposite leaf, characteristic of all members of the family, stem covered by denses hair darkening brown with age.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve; 2010.

Flowers: In a panicle of spikes opposite leaf with tendril, 21–38 cm long, spikes up to 6.5 cm long, peduncle 4–7 cm long. Flowers green, ca. 3 mm across; calyx saucer-shaped; petals 4 elliptic; disc green; filament ca. 2 mm long, anther ca. 1 mm long; stigma sessile, minute, simple.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve; 2010.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve; 2010.

Fruits: Berry, globose, 1–4-seeded, ca. 8–10 mm across, ripens red.

Habitat: Lowland dipterocarp and secondary forests, margin and understory.

Occurrence: BTNR, CCNR Noordin Beach on Pulau Ubin.

Distribution: Myanmar, Thailand, Peninsular Malaya.


(1) Latiff, A. 1982. Studies in Malesian Vitaceae, 4. The genera Ampelocissus, Ampelopsis and Parthenocissus in the Malay Peninsula. Federation Museums Journal 27: 75–77.

(2) Yeo, C.K. 2001. The Vitaceae and Leeaceae of Singapore. Honours Thesis, National University of Singapore. 96 pp.


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