Piper flavimarginatum

Piper flavimarginatum C. DC.

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Native; Critically endangered.

Growth Form or Habit: Climber.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve; Freshwater swamp forest edge; 2010.

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  1. Beng Tang said

    Of the critically endangered Piper flavimarginatum, there are at least 4 plants growing in Bukit Brown. Of the 4, one is inside the area fenced off for the LTA’s new 8 lane road, one more is just at the side of it and may be cleared for construction too, and a third is just beside it and may be affected by microclimate change when the road is built. Only one is not threatened by the road, and that one is near some tombs and so may be threatened by Ching Ming tomb cleanup operations.

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