Nothocissus spicifera

Nothocissus spicifera (Griff.) Latiff

Recent Synonyms: Cissus specifera Griff., Ampelocissus specigera (Griff.) Planch., Vitis macrostachyus Miq..

Status: Native; Critically endangered.

Growth Form or Habit: Woody climber.

Leaf upper surface
Central Catchment Nature Reserve; Secondary forest edge; 2010.

Leaf underside
Central Catchment Nature Reserve; Secondary forest edge; 2010.

Leaves: Lamina ovate-oblong to oblong, margin serrate, apex acuminate to caudate, base tending to acute terminating sub-cordate, 6–16 cm by 2–10 cm, glabrous, glabarescent on veins abaxially, coriaceous and red when young, chartaceous with age, petiole 2–7.5 cm long, red when young.

Stem: Stem glabrous, at times laterally ridged, red when young, flattening and corky with age, up to ca. 5 cm wide, tendril simple, red when young, leaf-opposed, characteristic of all members of the family.

Flowers: In a pendant, simple or branched raceme without tendril, 40–58 cm long, terminal, rarely leaf-opposed, peduncle if present up to ca. 4 cm long. Flowers in fascicles, sub-sessile to pedicellate.

Fruits: Berry globose ellipsoid, 15–18 mm by 8–11 mm, with 1–2 seeds per fruit; seed oblong, ca. 12 by 6 mm.

Habitat: Lowland dipterocarp forest fringe and opening, and along rivers.

Occurrence: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Distribution: Peninsular Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo.


(1) Latiff, A. 1982. Studies in Malesian Vitaceae, 2. Nothocissus: A new Malesian genus. Federation Museums Journal 27: 70–75.

(2) Yeo, C.K. 2001. The Vitaceae and Leeaceae of Singapore. Honours Thesis, National University of Singapore. 96 pp.

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