Cinnamomum iners

Cinnamomum iners Reinw.

Recent Synonyms: Cinnamomum nitidum Bl.

Status: Native; Common. Cultivated.

Growth Form or Habit: Tree.

Leaves: Simple, alternate, entire margin, oblong in shape, usually blunt at tip; trinerved. New leaves often reddish, fully expanded pale green, older leaves dark green. Spicy smell when crushed or torn.

Cinnamomum iners 01
Lornie Boardwalk; 2011.

Flowers: Tiny and yellow, in pale green panicles. Probably insect pollinated.

Cinnamomum iners 03
Lornie Boardwalk; 2011.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve; 2011.

Habitat: Forest edges, secondary forests.

Occurance: Throughout Singapore.

Distribution: Native to Southeast Asia, from Thailand to Philippines and Java.

More pictures can be found at

(1) The Plant Observatory website

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