Hibiscus mutabilis

Hibiscus mutabilis L.

Recent Synonyms:

Status: Exotic; Cultivated Only.

Growth Form or Habit: Shrub or small tree.


Kranji wasteland; 2011.

Leaves: Broadly ovate to round-ovate or cordate; Lower surface densely stellate minutely tomentose; Upper surface sparsely stellate minutely hairy; Lobes triangular.


Kranji wasteland; 2011.

Flower: Corolla white or reddish, becoming dark red.

Seed: Reniform; villous abaxially.


Kranji wasteland; 2011.

Habitat: Thickets along streams.

Other information:

Branchlets, petioles, pedicel, epicalyx, and calyx densely stellate and woolly pubescent.

Common Name: Chinese Rose; 木芙蓉.


Tang, Y., M. G. Gilbert & L. J. Dorr, 2007. Malvaceae. Flora of China, 12: 264-298. Uploaded 11 Oct.2007. http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=2&taxon_id=200013711. (Accessed 26 Sep. 2011).


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