Ficus ruginervia

Ficus ruginervia Corner

Recent Synonyms: Ficus callicarpa Miq. var. crassinervia Corner

Status: Native; Presumed extinct.

Growth Form or Habit: Climber.


Central Catchment Nature Reserve, 2011.

Leaves: Distichous, asymmetric, coriaceous (leathery).

Leafy twigs

Central Catchment Nature Reserve, 2011.

Branch: Branchlets drying brown to blackish; Leafy twigs solid, brownish to whitish puberulous to subtomentose

Figs: Couliflorous on leafless branchlets; Orange to red to blackish at maturity.

Habitat: In the forest as a climber (or on rocks as a creeper); From sea level up to 1500m.

Occurrence: Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Distribution: Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo.

Similar species: Closely related to Ficus punctata; Ficus ruginerva differs mainly in the more thickly coriaceous lamina with the main veins more or less impressed above.


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Keng, H. S. C. Chin & H. T. W. Tan, 1990. The Concise Flora of Singapore: Gymnosperms and Dicotyledons. Singapore University Press, Singapore. 222 pp.


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