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Ochna kirkii

Ochna kirkii Oliv.

Recent Synonyms: None relevant.

Status: Exotic; Casual. Cultivated.

Spotaneous shrub
Hougang Ave 8; 2010.

Growth Form or Habit: Shrub or small tree growing up to 6 m high

Hougang Ave 8; 2010.

Hougang Ave 8; Cultivated; 2010.

Hougang Ave 8; Cultivated; 2010.

Leaves: Leaves glabrous and are generally elliptic or oblong with slightly cordate bases. Young leaves are reddish. They appear sessile adaxially but possess short petioles rarely extending from the sinus between the heart-shaped leaf bases. Short bristles also lined throughout the leaf margins.

Hougang Ave 8; Cultivated; 2010.

Branches: The bark is rough and light brown and the branches carrying the leaves are covered with prominent white lenticels.

Queenstown, Cultivated; 2010.

Flowers: Flowers bisexual. Presented as a raceme and the floral parts consists of five yellow petals, numerous stamens, and eight to twelve carpels with joined styles which separate at the apex.

Pulau Ubin; 2010.

Fruits: the sepals turn from green-yellow to bright red which encapsulate the black druplets when ripe. Probably bird dispersed.

Occurrence: Commonly planted as a hedge. Spontaneous plants seen in urban areas and forest fringes (Secondary forest in Jurong, MacRitchie forest, Sungei Loyang scrubland, Pulau Ubin scrubland, coastal forest in Coney Island).

Distribution: Tropical Africa.

Other Information:

Common Name: Mickey Mouse plant.


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