Phylogenetic classification

Species here are arranged according to phylogeny. Monilophytes follow Smith et al. (2006). Angiosperms generally follow APG III and Chase and Reveal (2009), except that the clade is recognised at Class level to accomodate the monilophyte classification. Informal ranks in these classifications are given in square brackets.

When a rank only has two member ranks, the pair would be arranged in alphabetical order. Where phylogenies are known, members would be arranged in order of deepness of the clade. Polytomies and unknown phylogenies are arranged in alphabetical order.

Class Lycopodiopsida
   Order Lycopodiales
      Family Lycopodiaceae
   Order Sellaginellales
      Family Sellaginellaceae

Class Psilotopsida
   Order Ophioglossales
      Family Ophioglossaceae
   Order Psilotales
      Family Psilotaceae
Class Equisetopsida
   Order Equisetales
      Family Equisetaceae
Class Marattiopsida
   Order Marattiales
      Family Marattiaceae
Class Polypodiopsida
   Order Hymenophyllales
      Family Hymenophyllaceae
   Order Gleicheniales
      Family Dipteridaceae
      Family Gleicheniaceae
   Order Schizaeales
      Family Schizaeaceae
   Order Salvinales
      Family Salviniaceae
   Order Cyatheales
      Family Cyatheaceae
   Order Polypodiales
      Family Dennstaedtiaceae
      Family Pteridaceae
      [eupolypods I]
      Family Dryopteridaceae
      Family Lomariopsidaceae
      Family Oleadraceae
      Family Davalliaceae
      Family Polypodiaceae
      [eupolypods II]
      Family Aspleniaceae
      Family Blechnaceae
      Family Thelypteridaceae
      Family Woodsiaceae

Class Cycadopsida
   Order Cycadales
      Family Cycadaceae
      Family Zamiaceae
Class Pinopsida
   Order Pinales
      Family Araucariaceae
      Family Cupressaceae
      Family Pinaceae
      Family Podocarpaceae
      Family Taxodiaceae
Class Gnetopsida
   Order Gnetales
      Family Gnetaceae

Class Magnoliopsida
  Superorder Nymphaeanae
   Order Nymphaeales
      Family Nymphaeaceae
  Superorder Austrobaileyanae
   Order Austrobaileyales
      Family Schisandraceae
  [core angiosperms]
   Order Chloranthales

  Superorder Magnolianae
   Order Laurales
      Family Hernandiaceae
      Family Lauraceae
      Family Monimiaceae
   Order Magnoliales
      Family Annonaceae
      Family Magnoliaceae
      Family Myristicaceae
   Order Piperales
      Family Aristolochiaceae
      Family Piperaceae
      Family Saururaceae

  Superorder Lilianae
   Order Acorales
      Family Acoraceae
   Order Alismatales
      Family Alismataceae (including former Limnocharitaceae)
      Family Araceae
      Family Cymodoceaceae
      Family Hydrocharitaceae
   Order Asparagales
      Family Amaryllidaceae (including Alliaceae)
      Family Asparagaceae (including Agavaceae, Hyacinthaceae, Laxmanniaceae and Ruscaceae)
      Family Hypoxidaceae
      Family Iridaceae
      Family Orchidaceae
      Family Xanthorrhoeaceae (including Asphodelaceae and Hemerocallidaceae)
   Order Dioscoreales
      Family Burmanniaceae
      Family Dioscoreaceae (including Thismiaceae and Taccaceae)
   Order Liliales
      Family Colchicaceae
      Family Smilacaceae
   Order Pandanales
      Family Cyclanthaceae
      Family Pandanaceae
      Family Triuridaceae
   Order Arecales
      Family Arecaceae
   Order Commelinales
      Family Commelinaceae
      Family Haemodoraceae
      Family Hanguanaceae
      Family Philydraceae
      Family Pontederiaceae
   Order Poales
      Family Bromeliaceae
      Family Cyperaceae
      Family Eriocaulaceae
      Family Flagellariaceae
      Family Poaceae
      Family Typhaceae
      Family Xyridaceae
   Order Zingiberales
      Family Cannaceae
      Family Costaceae
      Family Heliconiaceae
      Family Lowiaceae
      Family Marantaceae
      Family Musaceae
      Family Strelitziaceae
      Family Zingiberaceae

  Superorder Proteanae
   Order Sabiales
      Family Sabiaceae
   Order Proteales
      Family Nelumbonaceae
      Family Proteaceae
  Superorder Ranunculanae
   Order Ranunculales
      Family Menispermaceae
      Family Ranunculaceae
  [core eudicots]
   Order Dilleniales
      Family Dilleniaceae
   Order Saxifragales
      Family Crassulaceae
      Family Daphniphyllaceae
      Family Haloragaceae
      Family Hamamelidaceae
      Family Saxifragaceae
  Superorder Rosanae
   Order Vitales
      Family Vitaceae
   [eurosid I: fabids]
   Order Celastrales
      Family Celastraceae
   Order Cucurbitales
      Family Anisophyllaceae
      Family Begoniaceae
      Family Cucurbitaceae
   Order Fabales
      Family Fabaceae
      Family Polygalaceae
   Order Fagales
      Family Casuarinaceae
      Family Fagaceae
      Family Juglandaceae
      Family Myricaceae
   Order Malpighiales
      Family Achariaceae
      Family Bonnetiaceae
      Family Calophyllaceae (split from Clusiaceae)
      Family Chrysobalanaceae
      Family Clusiaceae
      Family Ctenolophonaceae
      Family Dichapetalaceae
      Family Erythroxylaceae
      Family Euphorbiaceae
      Family Hypericaceae
      Family Irvingiaceae
      Family Ixonanthaceae
      Family Linaceae
      Family Malpighiaceae
      Family Ochnaceae
      Family Pandaceae
      Family Passifloraceae (including Turneraceae)
      Family Phyllanthaceae
      Family Picrodendraceae
      Family Putranjivaceae
      Family Rhizophoraceae
      Family Salicaceae
      Family Trigoniaceae
      Family Violaceae
   Order Oxalidales
      Family Connaraceae
      Family Cunoniaceae
      Family Elaeocarpaceae
      Family Oxalidaceae
   Order Rosales
      Family Cannabaceae
      Family Moraceae
      Family Rhamnaceae
      Family Rosaceae
      Family Urticaceae
   Order Zygophyllales
      Family Zygophyllaceae
   [eurosid II: malvids]
   Order Brassicales
      Family Brassicaceae
      Family Cleomaceae
      Family Moringaceae
   Order Crossosomatales
      Family Staphyleaceae
   Order Geraniales
      Family Geraniaceae
   Order Malvales
      Family Bixaceae
      Family Dipterocarpaceae
      Family Malvaceae
      Family Muntingiaceae (split from Malvaceae)
      Family Thymelaeaceae
   Order Myrtales
      Family Combretaceae
      Family Crypteroniaceae
      Family Lythraceae
      Family Melastomataceae
      Family Myrtaceae
      Family Onagraceae
   Order Sapindales
      Family Anacardiaceae
      Family Burseraceae
      Family Meliaceae
      Family Rutaceae
      Family Sapindaceae
      Family Simaroubaceae
  Superorder Caryophyllanae
   Order Caryophyllales
      Family Aizoaceae
      Family Amaranthaceae
      Family Ancistrocladaceae
      Family Basellaceae
      Family Cactaceae
      Family Caryophyllaceae
      Family Molluginaceae
      Family Nepenthaceae
      Family Nyctaginaceae
      Family Phytolaccaceae
      Family Plumbaginaceae
      Family Polygonaceae
      Family Portulacaceae
      Family Talinaceae (split from Portulacaceae)
  Superorder Santalanae
   Order Santalales
      Family Loranthaceae
      Family Santalaceae
      Family Olacaceae
      Family Opiliaceae
  Superorder Asteranae
   Order Cornales
      Family Cornaceae (including Nyssaceae)
      Family Hydrangeaceae
   Order Ericales
      Family Actinidiaceae
      Family Balsaminaceae
      Family Ebenaceae
      Family Ericaceae
      Family Lecythidaceae
      Family Marcgraviaceae
      Family Pentaphylacaceae
      Family Primulaceae (including Maesaceae and Myrsinaceae)
      Family Sapotaceae
      Family Styracaceae
      Family Symplocaceae
      Family Tetrameristaceae
      Family Theaceae
   [euasterid I: lamiids]
   Order Boraginaceae
      Family Boraginaceae
   Order Icacinaceae
      Family Icacinaceae
   Order Gentianales
      Family Apocynaceae
      Family Gentianaceae
      Family Loganiaceae
      Family Rubiaceae
   Order Lamiales
      Family Acanthaceae
      Family Bignoniaceae
      Family Gesneriaceae
      Family Lamiaceae
      Family Linderniaceae
      Family Lentibulariaceae
      Family Oleaceae
      Family Orobanchaceae
      Family Pedaliaceae
      Family Plantaginaceae
      Family Scrophulariaceae
      Family Stilbaceae
      Family Verbenaceae
   Order Solanales
      Family Convolvulaceae
      Family Hydroleaceae (split from former Hydrophyllaceae, which is now in Boraginaceae)
      Family Solanaceae
   [euasterid II: campanulids]
   Order Apiales
      Family Apiaceae
      Family Araliaceae
      Family Pittosporaceae
      Family Torricelliaceae
   Order Aquifoliales
      Family Aquifoliaceae
      Family Cardiopteridaceae
      Family Stemonuraceae
   Order Asterales
      Family Asteraceae
      Family Campanulaceae
      Family Goodeniaceae
      Family Menyanthaceae
      Family Pentaphragmataceae
   Order Dipsacales
      Family Adoxaceae
      Family Caprifoliaceae
   Order Escalloniales
      Family Escalloniaceae (including Polyosmaceae)

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