Terms of use

Usage of Photographs

Unless stated otherwise in the watermark of the photograph, all images displayed in this blog are taken by the contributors and hence, they are the copyright owners.

All images obtained from this blog are to have the copyright notice placed, i.e., © https://floraofsingapore.wordpress.com/ or © photographer’s name, according to the preference of the photographer.

For all types of publications, prior permission need to be obtained from the contributors in order to use the photographs. You may contact the contributors by leaving a comment in this page or under any species posting of concern, or emailing Siyang at sassy19a@gmail.com. We may consider legal action if we found any unauthorised use of our photographs.

For non-commercial purposes (excluding publications), you may use the images without seeking our permission. Some examples include school related reports and presentations.

To obtain a high resolution image, contact the contributors by the same means as mentioned above. Please include clearly the specific photographs that you need and your email. It is encouraged that you to remove your email address after a few days to prevent spam.

Last update 2 Jan 2012.

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